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PeteVelvet Photography is a reputable team of wedding photographers and videographers based in London, UK. Lead photographer, Peter Barsony, is a keen traveler and loves shooting elegant engagement and wedding photography in locations across Europe.

To best tell people’s love stories, he is dedicated to capturing the genuine essence of the day in an unobtrusive, photojournalistic style.

The team shoots with top-notch camera equipment with a selection of lenses and drones to comprehensively cover all possible angles of the event.


LONDON-based wedding photographer

Petevelvet London Photographer + Film

Having started his photography career in 2004, capturing music festivals and sports events around Europe, he then moved to London a decade ago to further develop his experience in the UK.

He captured the spirit of celebrations in various cultures including British, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Chinese, Greek, Turkish, and Hungarian.

He grew his business from a solo freelancer to a solid team of photographers, videographers, and editors, all working around the clock to deliver bespoke imagery and visuals for their clients.

While working on wedding locations, Peter is “smooth like velvet” and almost invisible. He often has been told that the day has flown by so quickly, while he has been unnoticed. His attention to the finest details is second to none thanks to his meticulous preparation, and intuition to capture every moment beautifully.

Get in touch with Peter today to ensure your dearest memories are documented with style, and stay with you forever. It is an investment that you and your family will share for generations.

From vows to views, we frame your extraordinary journey - preserving the magic of weddings and the allure of properties, one click at a time.
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