Photographer Peter Barsony was born in Budapest, Hungary. Similary to others in my childhood I myself was not chased around the table to take photographs either. My family has not even spared a thought about it and I myself came to like photography. At the beginning the small digital camera possessed by my family that should have deserved a better lot had only one meaning in my life – it recorded ther exhilarated moments of the races.


In the meantime my father joined me as well but as he was interested in everything except for rally races I started to realize that the subject of a photograph can not solely be a car race. From this moment onwards the family’s programmes were organised around my father’s and my hobby, which didn’t make everybody happy (because not so many people like to make a trip with a tripod).

In 2004 I realized my knowledge and my equipment should harmonize each other. Out of this two my equipment was more advanced. I took my first photography class and being behind the camera has been my passion ever since. To continue my training, I attended several workshops, studied from other photographers (Balazs Farkas-Szoke (R.I.P. 2011), Martin Szipal) and assisted wedding photographers.

From Budapest to London

From Budapest I moved to London in 2011 and grew my business in UK, focusing on weddings, family, business portraits and events. I have tremendous passion for our work and truly enjoy the process and make it easy and enjoyable for our clients.

My philosophy

Finally my favorite quote from German Philosopher Stefan Klein: ‘‘Every moment is one mosaic stone of life—light or dark, elegant or dull, golden or jet black. And just as we look at a mosaic as a picture from a distance, and only rarely come up close to examine its artistically placed individual stones, we remain detached from the all-important moments that add up to the sum total of our lives. What we call life, is ultimately nothing more than a collection of countless moments.’‘